About the Golf Belles

The Golf Belles  

The Golf Belles is a golf entertainment, media, corporate marketing and business development solutions company.

Our Mission

To lead the industry as the Heart, Soul and Face of Women’s Golf! We are building a global golf sisterhood…..

Our Commitment to Womens Golf Globally!

The Belles Group and the Golf Belles are committed to profiling woman’s golf at all levels including all of the intelligence, beauty, and athleticism it encompasses!

Our Altruistic Goals & Vision

Our goal is to elevate women’s golf at all levels from a playing, from a professional and, of course, from a business perspective. We will have Golf Belles Angels throughout the world working in their respective communities promoting the game and the various vendors in those markets.

Through these efforts we will assist the many wonderful women who would like to become or remain LPGA playing professionals on tour but are challenged because of a lack of financial support.

For the women who have decided to retire from tour play, we can give them a career alternative.

Who are the Golf Belles Angels?

The Golf Belles Angels are the heart, soul & spirit of the Golf Belles and associated activities!
The Golf Belles Angels are empowered corporate leaders and community evangelists!
The Golf Belles Angels are Golfers, Business Professionals, Athletes and Models! 

The Golf Belles Angels = Golf Evangelists = Ethics + Integrity + Professionalism + Heart

The Belles or Golf Belles Angels are attractive and educated team members that work with our clients as event planners, designers, and ambassadors. The Belles bring sophistication and business acumen to every client engagement and event we participate in. 

We consultatively work with our clients to deliver the highest level of value to their marketing initiatives while focused on delivering strategic business solutions.


One Comment to “About the Golf Belles”

  1. Dear Golf Belles,
    I need to send you Puttle, a fun, simple but challenging golf putting game I invented. Kids love it, golfers need it and everyone can play it. Please pass along a mailing address and I’ll get a Puttle Kit out the door. There are mutual opportunities to discuss.

    Ken Kleppert
    PO Box 16
    Limeport PA 18060

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