Gemspot Putters are Golf Belles Recommended (GBR)

Gemspot Jewelled Putters

Wonderful in packaging, presentation, design, craftsmanship, weighting, balance, feel, and Bling….. The Ultimate Instrument.

Gemspot® Golf, Inc. is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, and was founded in 2007 by top, amateur golfer, Wendy Laub. Her entrepreneurial spirit, passion for golf, and experience as a custom jewelry designer, naturally lead to the creation of Gemspot® Golf. Wendy’s genuine appreciation of luxury goods, and combination of creativity and technical innovation, has resulted in the world’s first-ever putter with a “Diamond Alignment System” that sets the putter head square to the target. Wendy’s putter design inspires golfers to focus on the target line, giving them confidence on the greens to sink more putts and lower golf scores.

Wendy has won numerous golf competitions and has been a six-time winner of the Women’s Club Championship, at Montecito Country Club in Santa Barbara, CA, where her career round lowest score is 69.
The concept for the Gemspot® Putter came to Wendy when playing a round on greens still wet from the morning dew. The water spots lined up across her putter head, reflecting the sunlight like diamonds, and with that ‘stroke of brilliance’®, Gemspot® was born.

Wendy took the best ideas from the putters in her vast collection, combined them with the latest technology and newest industry trends, and infused them with style and luxury. Gemspot® Putters are the result of Wendy’s tireless quest for the ultimate precision putter. Now, Wendy is sharing her vision with avid golfers worldwide.

Yes we did win one and yes this is an unpaid promotional GBR! Thank your Gemspot and Wendy!

If you want a custom piece of art that will help your golf game then take a very hard look at a Gemspot Jewelled Putter!!!

Way to go Wendy!!!!




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  1. Nice post.Very helpful for beginners

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